Broker information

We are specialised in luxury yachts and always work together with brokers who retain 100% of their agreed sales commission. Some 85% of yachts are sold within three months and YachtBid receives a fee from the buyer. 

The auction ensures that we get the highest bid for the yacht in the current market. The seller is free to decide if they accept the bid. Check out our track record on this site. We also have broker references available.

If you have a potential yacht in mind, please send us the details and we will make an auction plan without any obligation to proceed. You can present this plan directly to your client. Click on the button below for more information.

It’s a very simple process: all you have to do is use the form and fill in the details of the client you are representing. The most important information is the e-mail address as this must match the one your client uses when registering on the auction site and placing bids.

When you have filled in the form a copy will be sent to you and the buyer. After receipt we will check that the buyer has not yet been claimed by another broker or already given bid access. If not, you will have the right to the buyer commission and receive a confirmation email.

Registration closes when the bidding on the auction officially opens.

Client Sign up

Of course, each application will be treated confidentially, and data will only be used for the auction in question.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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