Important BVA Auction rules

  • The yacht will be sold As is Where is (we advise you to visit the viewing day)
  • Your bid cannot be withdrawn
  • If a bid is placed within the final 5 minutes of the auction, the auction time will be extended with another 5 minutes.
  • There is also an app available for IOS and Android and you can participate on a mobile version of the website. If you choose to participate in the auction on a mobile device or use the app, you will need to refresh the page yourself regularly. If you do not refresh the page you may not be the highest bidder anymore even though your device says so.
  • It is essential that we can contact you. Close to the end of the auction BVA will contact the highest bidders by phone. When we are unable to contact you, BVA can decide to block your account.
  • Please be aware of a time gap between the registered users site and the normal website of the auction showing all the lots. If you are not logged in you do not have the latest information.
  • If the buyer is from outside the EU and requests export, the sale can be executed excluding VAT. If the buyer has a company with a EU VAT number (excl. The Netherlands) then the sale can be on 0% using internal trade rules of the EU (intra communitair). Contact us for the conditions.
  • On the website of BVA Auctions you find an Extensive FAQ: https://support.bva-auctions.com/hc/en-us
  • Any problems? Contact us. We are accessible until 21.00 hours +31 30 727 10 20

How to create a free account

Go to https://www.bva-auctions.com/v3/en/registration and fill in the form. Do not forget the checkbox for the general terms and conditions and select next. Finalize the proces by clicking register. You will receive a confirmation email directly. Confirm by clicking on the link to finalize the registration.

How to find your yacht and and add to your favorite list

Open the Troostwijk website and login (top right corner). Open search to find the yacht you are interested in. Select the yacht and click on the small hart icon on the top left corner of the photo. The yacht will be added to your favorites which will make it easy for you to monitor this specific yacht.

How to place a bid

To place a bid you must be logged in as a registered user and the auction must be open for bidding. Select login to place a bid.

A new window appears where you can place your bid. The bid needs to be at least the minimum amount as displayed. You are free to place a higher bid. Proceed by clicking Check bid. Next the full calculation of your bid will be displayed. This includes your bid including VAT, auction costs and other costs if relevant. To confirm your bidding select Confirm. Without this final step you bid will not be placed. A confirmation email of the bidding will be send directly. You will also receive an email when a third party has outbid you.

Third party funds foundation

Within BVA Auctions B.V. a third party funds foundation is in place. This foundation manages all funds from buyers and clients.

It manages and distributes funds to the rightful beneficiaries: clients with regard to the amounts to be settled and BVA Auctions B.V. with regard to commissions.

The foundation operates as follows:
• BVA Auctions sells on behalf of third parties and the buyer pays the invoice on the bank account of the Foundation for Third Party Funds.

• When all conditions for settlement are met, like amongst others, delivery of lots, signing of deeds etc. , BVA Auctions then makes the settlement of the proceeds (credit invoice = purchase invoice) and the Third-Party Funds Foundation pays the revenue to the client from the bank account of the Third-Party Funds Foundation.

In short:
The Foundation is a separate entity, which operates for BVA Auctions on the basis of an agreement between BVA Auctions and the third-party funds BVA Auctions Foundation.
This structure serves as a guarantee that the clients invoice will always be paid, even when BVA Auctions could no longer meet its obligations.
This way we have in fact guaranteed that the buyer as well as the client has certainty that the funds are secured.

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